Influence policies within the party platform

Michael Steinberg’s goal is to get on the ballot in every state and territory for the 2016 Democratic presidential primary elections and try to win as many delegates as possible. With these delegates, and by virtue of substantial minority support, Steinberg will advocate for a platform which is consistent with the ideals supported by the majority members of the Democratic Party. He will attempt to get the other 2016 presidential candidates to talk about the Social Security disability and retirement programs, including the long-term solvency problems and the unfairly attacked disability claims process.
Steinberg wants to challenge his fellow candidates to clearly spell out their plans to ensure Medicare continues to be able to allow our seniors to obtain the healthcare they need. Michael Steinberg would like to amend the current trade agreements and he believes that small businesses should give back to their communities and lending institutions should not use redlining in their lending practices.

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