Libertarian Presidential Candidates From Across the Nation Gathering at Public Benefit to Eradicate Poverty

SPARTANBURG, S.C., Carolina Country Club– On Friday, May 13, Multiple Libertarian Presidential candidates will gather from around the country to unveil a new economic model in hopes of transforming the nation, and eventually the world. The Carolina Country Club in Spartanburg is the location of this free, public event, which runs from 7 to 10 p.m. Nashville singer/songwriter Galen Griffin, who has penned hit songs for superstars like Clay Walker and Luke Bryan, will be providing musical entertainment; the club will provide a selection of hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar.

“This kind of unity is rare in politics,” says Robinson, “Anyone who has observed the Republican or Democratic Primaries can certainly understand what I mean. These Libertarian candidates, on the other hand, are taking a different path by attempting to overhaul the economic platform of the libertarian party. It’s called ‘Trickle Up’ Economics, and it will create wealth and opportunity like this nation hasn’t seen in generations. I’m proud that multiple candidates have voiced their belief in this plan. As a new way of steering this country’s fortunes, Trickle Up is so compelling that it makes sense for each of us to get behind it.”

A discussion of “Trickle up Economics” and all of its features will be the centerpiece of this public rally. The model represents a profound departure from politics and economics as usual, and would dramatically improve the lives of every single American. Most notably, “Trickle up Economics” can end poverty and empower all citizens to reach their full potential.

The deployment of “Trickle up Economics” marks a shift in funding the federal government from a taxation model to a system in which the federal government obtains their operating revenue through interest payments collected when banks borrow money from the federal government. Social programs will no longer be a burden on the tax payer but instead will be funded through an unnoticed, unexploited, and yet more efficient use of our current monetary system enabling revenue to be accumulated into individual social accounts in order to address a corresponding social need.

Trickle up Economics is based on the concept of cyclical loans. For every child born, the government opens an interest-bearing account in that child’s name at a qualified bank. The bank treats the money as an ordinary loan which they must pay back at the end of the loan term, but instead of paying the interest back to the government, the bank will place the annual interest into the child’s various social accounts. All of the programs comprising Trickle up Economics operate on this general principle of cyclical loans and interest bearing private accounts.

In addition to ending poverty, this new economic model would give much-needed stability to the banking system and help transform the world’s poorest regions into places of hope and prosperity. During the transition to Birth loop programs, legacy policies like Social Security and Medicare would be firmly protected for as long as anyone still relied on them. “All of these benchmarks could be achieved,” adds Robinson, “with some of the lowest tax rates in the world. That’s the real power of Trickle up Economics.”

Trickle Up Economic Endorsements:

Presidential candidates Robinson, Sterling, Smith, Garcia, Briggs, have confirmed their personal attendance at the upcoming event with Clements unified in support of the economic platform and a possible attendee; this represents more than one- third of the libertarian presidential candidates eligible for election. Senatorial candidate Bledsoe will personally attend in support of the idea and outgoing Chairman of the Louisiana Libertarian Party Mr. Scott Lewis also known as “paladin for the people” offers his name in support of this new economic plan. Together, we will introduce a new grassroots economic model powerful enough to end poverty and provide universal healthcare for all Americans. The nation can again become a beacon of hope as its citizen’s work together to ultimately transform the globe with these new anti-poverty and universal healthcare proposals.

Jack B. Robinson, Jr.


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