Dr. Lynn Sandra Kahn received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The American University in Washington D.C. in 1977. She has more than 35 years experience as an organizational psychologist and executive consultant. Her areas of expertise include government reinvention and transformation, multi-partner and multi-agency strategic planning, designing the coordinating structures for complex missions, multi-city and multi-agency town hall meetings, conflict resolution and group dynamics. She is the owner of LSKahn Associates, LLC, New York.

Candidate Dr. Lynn Kahn has specific plans to redirect the dollars we can save by eliminating government waste

Dr. Kahn is the author of 3 books: Performance Networks: Transforming Governance for the 21st Century (2009); Results at the Edge: The Ten Rules of Government Reform (2003); and Peacemaking: A Systems Approach to Conflict Management (1988). She has also written numerous articles about governance including “21st Century Governance: 10 Strategies for Success” (2013)

In a recent interview with PoliticalJunki ‘s John Lewis, Dr. Kahn explains how new priorities for each government agency along with greater efficiency and more disciplined budgeting are the keys to transforming our federal agencies so they deliver the services Americans want and need. With years of governmental and organizational experience under her belt, she has identified specific solutions. She states that due to poor bureaucracy the U.S. government waste over 30% of taxpayers funds, which translates to 1 Trillion dollars of waste. The problem comes from redundancies in government agencies, non-performing programs, and the lack of discipline in spending including at the U.S. Departments of Education and Defense.

Dr. Kahn identifies several obvious programs that contribute to this waste such as a failed  $1.1 billion electronic health records system, 47 different job-training programs across 9 different agencies, and wasteful defense contracting. She even asks why can’t we do something about $190 billion Americans spend on medical costs related to obesity.

The waste can be eliminated with a strong president who forces  government departments and agencies to focus on priorities the American people want and by insisting on more disciplined budgeting. This is how she would capture a trillion dollars of waste and then re-direct those savings to national priorities such as more jobs and better schools. Her “day one” actions if elected will start the process by freezing all new hiring and promotions at the worst performing agencies, consolidating programs that duplicate each other and establishing efficiency and customer standards for every department of government.

She believes that we need to reinvent all government agencies with the principles of customer service and organizational efficiency as part of tax, fiscal, immigration, regulatory, justice, health care and education reforms. In her view, transforming government agencies and re-directing wasted tax dollars will jump-start our economy and restore trust, establishing a new matrix of effective government that truly works for taxpayers.

“The American public will drive how we define the new purpose and priorities of our government of the people, by the people and for the people.” A critical goal of her platform is to improve citizen trust in our system of government at all levels.

Dr. Kahn’s campaign is one of the few that focuses on specific solutions and will provide a tangible governing model for the Presidency.




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