Republican President Candidate Mark Everson brings years of business and federal government experience. As well see in mainstream media only a select few of candidate daily, when qualified candidates campaigns get limited media attention. Mark Everson, a former Reagan Administration official, working in law enforcement positions at the US Information Agency and Department of Justice. As a former IRS Commissioner, he has an unique perspective in the areas of tax reform, entitlement reform and national security.

Mark’s campaign is focus on improving American Prosperity for all Americans with specific plan for growth. In a recent interview with John Lewis, PoliticalJunki, he laid out comprehensive policy plan if elected President.

Mark’s Priorities:

Renewing American Prosperity with conservative Republican solutions that deliver bold tax reform, a balanced approach to regulations, and sustainable entitlement programs.

Restoring National Security by aligning diplomatic efforts with our national interest, by rebuilding trust with our allies, partners and vets, and by prioritizing our defense spending to meet clear and
present threats.

Realizing Our Shared Destiny by solving the problem of illegal immigration once and for all.

Mark believes is limited government and pledges to only serve one-four year term and will seek a constitutional amendment to limit future presidents to a single five or six year mandate. He believes that this will increase efficiency in government, due to the current political structure. Currently by the third year of an administration, appointees up and down the line are increasingly focused on re-election.

“The country deserves a leader whose decision-making is based solely on the national interest and in no way compromised by considerations tied to reelection politics. “

It is time to remove 6 of 7 hard working Americans from the IRS income tax rolls. For couples making less than $100,000 April 15th will be just another day. By shifting to a hybrid consumption tax system, we can move back to the original intent of the income tax system, only taxing the incomes of higher earning Americans – at lower rates than they are paying today.

My tax plan delivers certainty to business owners by making permanent changes to the code. Business owners will hire and invest with confidence in the economy since the rules of the road will be clear. Significant corporate rate reductions will make American businesses more competitive overseas. By making the right reforms, we can repatriate hundreds of billions of dollars indefinitely sitting offshore.

Systematically cutting red tape will drive job creation and jump start consumer lending. As president, I will review the cost effectiveness of all regulations and ask Congress to root out the excessive rules that negatively impact job creation in America. To reinvigorate mortgage and small business lending, I will work with Congress to cut every Dodd-Frank regulation that unnecessarily increases compliance costs for community banks.

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