Monday, November 20, 2017
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SC African American Chamber Chairman Stephen Gilchrist Host Steve Bannon

By Tee Ferguson Jr, MindVote News CHARLESTON, SC- Stephen Gilchrist, Chairman of the SC African American Chamber hosted a private round-table meeting with some of...

Spartanburg City Council Election Updates

Cornerstone Baptist  Roselyn Henderson    70 Votes Robert Reeder 38 Votes   

Kenneth Myers Sr. joins the team for 2016 Elections

  Editor Myers will be covering local, state and federal politics that impact minority voters.

Trump wins Vermont

Junki Breaking News: Donald Trump has won the Vermont Republican primary, according to the Associated Press

Rupert Murdoch on Twitter

  The eighty four year old Fox Corporation majority shareholder, now wants to define blackness. This is appropriate, in an environment, where the majority has...


Letter to The Editor The Arkwright Solar Farm Collaboration is another initiative that overpromises and will under-perform for the citizens of the Arkwright community just...

A Vision for Our Future Generation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Libertarian Presidential Candidates From Across the Nation Gathering at Public Benefit to Eradicate Poverty SPARTANBURG, S.C., Carolina Country Club– On Friday, May 13,...

For Immediate Release

PoliticalJUNKi, L.P. and SC African American Chamber of Commerce announces Minority Economic Policy Forum will be the first series in the People United Locally...

Tee Report Community Jackets Update

Community Jackets Update! Join with me and spread the word. "Talk to you friends, churches, lets build on covering each others back" Tee Ferguson...
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