“Bringing dreams to realty”

Cheryl Jeter-jones has choosen to run for the position of Commissioner of Public Works for the City of Spartanburg on November 3, 2015 election. Ironically, friends have encouraged her to pursuit an office in government for more than two decades.

Her emphasis on educating residents to the philosophy ” No community is as strong as it’s weakest link.” In other words, every one needs to strive to achieve at the same rate to create viable communities that prosper. “Stop living scared-we are free”.

As a former educator at Mary Honor Wright Elementary, she experienced a wealth of knowledge in serving in the same classroom where she was a fourth grade student many years prior. ¬†Learning as she was taught: “everyone starts with the two main things- a brain and the breathe of life-its your choice on how you will use them”. Teaching for more than eleven years; she was instrumental in garnering award winning recognition for the school’s Boys & Girls Club.

Education and Awards

1982 Graduate of Limestone College with a B.A. Early Childhood Elementary Education
SC Drug & Alcohol Drug School- Clemson University
Community Task Force for America Reads
National Grants Writer Association- Grant Administrator and Senior Certified Grants Writer
SC Neightborhood Association with City of Spartanburg
Outstanding Young Women in America Award



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