Today in Spartanburg, South Carolina at Wofford College, Dr. Ben Carson, Republican Candidate for President talks about the importance of a strong U.S. Foreign Policy. In Dr. Carson’s recent visit to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, he determined that the U.S. should provide more aid to support Syrians efforts to remain in Syria. He states that we need to reduce our wasteful spending and strategical channel funds to reduce the funding shortfalls for supporting refugees in Jordan. He stated “Last month we spent $3 billion on Halloween candy,” Carson said, speaking from Amman, Jordan.

He believes that bringing refugees to the U.S. will not solve the problem and will increase the potential terriorist actions in the U.S. The millions of refugees fleeing Syria due to violence can only be solved by stablizing the Syrian Government, so the refugees can return to their native land, which is the desire of the Syrian people.

In his speech at Wofford College he also focused the importance of strengthing U.S. Military in order to provide a deterrant for terrorist and support relief efforts. He states that our currently military strength is not sufficient for the global threats the U.S. is facing. Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign has provided a refreshing alternative to main stream politicans.




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