Letter to The Editor

The Arkwright Solar Farm Collaboration is another initiative that overpromises and will under-perform for the citizens of the Arkwright community just like the entire REGENESIS project itself. If you understand the past victims of the site and within the Arkwright community has yet to realize the promised benefits or new housing. To truly understand, all we have to do is drive through the community 15 years later and it will speak volumes.

The problem with these programs is that the investors and the energy companies will benefit from taxpayer’s dollars and the citizens economic well-being will continue to decline. In the last 15 years since REGENESIS project the community has continue to decline with a majority of the residents in the same condition or worst. Unemployment in the REGENESIS project coverage areas is still extremely high and income levels have continued decline at alarming rates with no new reported business growth in the coverage area.

For solar power farms to work members of the targeted community must choose to subscribe to have any meaningful impact or profit for the investors who will receive the tax credits for each subscribers. But think about it just like the deceptive tax credits for residential home solar power programs, most low-income communities don’t make enough to even pay taxes, credit approval and must less tax liabilities to be offset by the tax credit. So the realize benefits is useless for low-income citizens. The program will be great for investors, politicians and energy companies at the expense of the citizens.

The reality is that this is a Hollywood production that the citizens of the Arkwright Community and the Southside have seen before. I think the answers can be seen every day as you drive deep in the neighborhoods of Arkwright and you see the results of REGENESIS SuperFund. This was another performance by our local elected officials, private investors working with federal officials at the expense of taxpayers and low-income citizens. #WHY IS OUR UNEMPLOYMENT GROWING, BUSINESSES AND INCOME DECLINING?


Candidate Michael Fowler, SC House of Representatives District 31, FIX31

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