Spartanburg, South Carolina, June 14, 2016. Today will open a new chapter for South Carolina Politics as the Republican party primary voters elected two black conservatives to represent the parties interest in the state capital representing by majority controlled Democratic districts. It was a historic victory for Republican Candidate Michael Fowler, a local entrepreneur in SC House District 31 in Spartanburg, South Carolina and Cornelius Huff for SC Senate #11. How we have forgotten our history and how over 2000 African Americans held public office, from the local level all the way up to the U.S. Senate and was majority Republicans during Reconstruction. In fact, opposition to President Andrew Johnson Reconstruction policies that excluded blacks from southern politics and allow states to institute “black codes” lead to Republican reclaiming the U.S. Congress in 1866. The Republican legislators passed new laws that gave African American a more active role in the economic, social and political life in the South.

Today, history repeats itself giving another opportunity lead by the Republican party of Spartanburg to change the lives of the people of District 31 and Senate #11, which represents that same demographic.
The district since its conception controlled by the Democratic party with current representatives that failed the citizens with minor resolutions instead of sponsoring bills that can impact the community. We reviewed the current voting record of Rep. Harold Mitchell Jr and found one Bill sponsored this current legislative session that passed the SC House and six resolutions. In previous years, 2013-2014 has resulted in 0 sponsored bills passed and ten resolutions. 2011-12 again the same results 0 passed and four resolutions. The Districts majority demographic is African American, which has suffered this highest unemployment and lowest business growth in Spartanburg County due to ineffective representation for over a decade.

Today’s historical vote gives hope to an opportunity to for the district as Michael Fowler, a lifetime native of the districts has been elected to educate and transform the conditions of the community. He has developed a campaign platform and specific plan to address the needs of the citizens of District 31 and FIX the problems if elected in November 2016.

“We need a representative who can push our issues to the majority and achieve legislative success” I believe I can bridge the gap between the Republican-controlled legislator and the people of the district.”

Mr. Fowler’s plan to empower and organized business owners in the district to push for growth and opportunity.

“We have failing schools, college graduates who can’t find a job, veterans who can’t get assistance, skilled labors who can’t get job and people dying due to inadequate information”It time to FIX31.”

Republican Candidate Michael A Fowler

The major issue for the people, will be if the citizens who these men are working to convince will vote with their minds.


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