About Jack

I love capitalism and free enterprise, but struggle with the question of how to help people that fall between the cracks. I am a proponent of small government and low taxes; though I have wondered and dreamed “can’t the government do more to help people? Maybe even become rich?”

I value the freedoms that are unique to America and understand that our societal relationships are inextricably interwoven with our economic policies.

I humbly present to you a unifying plan – largely economic that will harness all of America’s ideals, resources, political parties, wealth classes, races, businesses and individuals into a nation working harmoniously toward one another’s best interest.


The Plan for the Next Generation

“Birth Loop” economics is a grass roots economic model that integrates the efficient use of government and capitalism to produce a new way of governing our country. It is a win-win idea to cost shift many aspects of government dependence and societal improvements away from government and over to the private sector and the forces of free enterprise.

“Birth Loop” economics is the umbrella name for the programs that will transform our nation by ending poverty and providing healthcare for all Americans; and then worldwide. We will reverse our national debt to a surplus by replacing social programs that rely on open ended sunk cost economic models, with a zero cost, self -funding capitalistic model of profitability.

In addition to systematically ending poverty and jump starting the economy through a new program called “Birth Loop + 25″, andproviding universal healthcare through a another new program called “Birth Loop + Healthcare”; we will create a broad based economic expansion that will double our nations GDP in 8 years. We will stabilize our banking system, protect Social Security and Medicare, strengthen our military, transform the poorest of countries with infrastructure, healthcare, and wealth- and then get our money back. Our tax policy will be among the lowest in the world.


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