It’s not often that you meet someone who has a lasting impression on you. Mike Fowler, candidate for the S.C. House District 31 seat, is that person.

I remember when Mike carried the Olympic Torch in 1996 for Spartanburg County in celebration of the Olympics being held in Atlanta, Ga. All of us were proud of Mike then, and we are proud of him now as he brings new energy and excitement to his candidacy.

Mike’s ideas on taxes, education, veteran issues, senior issues and economic development will be of great benefit to the district. Mike is a veteran, a small-business owner and an educational advocate; he understands the unique challenges that confront many of our citizens.

Mike is compassionate and understands the urgency in addressing our needs. He believes we can overcome the education bureaucrats to ensure that all children get a fighting chance at a good education. He is truly a champion for our children!

And as a small-business owner, Mike advocated tirelessly to make sure that our community remained economically competitive.

I know that Mike has the temperament, intelligence and leadership ability to bring a diverse group of people together to make some of the much-needed changes to the district. I will be encouraging my family and friends to support Mike Fowler because I truly think he has what it takes to take to be a good representative of the people.

Thomas Simuel

Spartanburg, South Carolina

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