MinorityConnect Gives Users the Ability to Add or Engage Actual Minority Data by Classification, Rank, & influence for effective Targeting

Spartanburg, SC. September 7, 2015 – RAZOR CAMPAIGN LP is pleased to announce progress on a revolutionary web & mobile application, which will allow users to customize minority outreach strategies and evaluate influencers in appropriate respects. Campaigns and organizations will be able to be proactive and effective in messaging to minorities, while reducing the waste of resources.

“There is a huge demand for effective minority targeting with an emphasis in the reduction of waste; this application will be a huge milestone in achieving that goal” stated Billy Whiteside, President of RAZOR Campaign. He went on to say “We applaud our progress in attaining our goal of making targeting user-friendly.”

MinorityConnect will allow users to upload customized minority data or use the data received during downloading of the application. Likewise, enterprise users will have the ability to join the network or create their own profiles and ranking systems for private campaigns. It is being designed to be downloaded from any device and have different features accessible depending on the classification of the user. All information will be available in real-time.

When asked for more information on how MinorityConnect will affect campaigns, Whiteside quickly noted the decreasing confidence in minority outreach strategies among national candidates. “Hopefully, this will be a cost effective measure to reverse these trends,” said Whiteside.

More information on the launch date will be made available at http://razorcampaign.com or follow RAZOR Campaign on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter.

About RAZOR Campaign: RAZOR Campaign, L.P. is a premier marketing and fundraising company located in Spartanburg, SC. The company is made of partnerships with seasoned strategic consultants in all areas of digital media, brand development, messaging and technology project management to provide total solutions. RAZOR works with all size organizations and campaigns from local to national, while providing total solution services from strategy and messaging to management and application.

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