Erica Fielder- Founder

Columbia, South Carolina May 7, 2016– The South Carolina GOP Convention provided an excellent opportunity for Hearts For Inmate founder Erica Fielder to meet Sheriff Chuck Wright of Spartanburg County. Sheriff Wright explained some of the creative programs his office has implemented to improve inmate rehabilitation at Spartanburg County Detention Center. ” It was an excellent opportunity share ideas and develop positive relationships to improve opportunities for re-entry of inmates” Erica Fielder, Founder of Hearts For Inmates.


The mission of HEARTS FOR INMATES is to
Help, Encourage, Aspire, Redeem, Trust and provide Support for both short and long term individuals who are incarcerated. We do this by advocating for changes within South Carolina legislation and policy changes within South Carolina The Department of Corrections and the Department of Pardon Probation and Parole.


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