Dr. Willie Wilson wants equal opportunity to speak to the American people..

Economic Empowerment

The employment problems in the minority community can be solved by economic empowerment through just simple access to government contracts that are awarded to major corporations instead of minority contractors. The growth of minority small businesses can create wealth and lower employment rates in theese communties. Mr. Willie states that the Small Business Administration should issues grants to american entreprenuers to create access to capital for these business.

“If we can spend billions to bring over 100,000 Syrians refugees to America, surely you can take care of people at home”

Criminal Justice

Dr. Wilson believes that all law enforcement and judges in the criminal justice system should have a comprehensive background check to included affilations with known hate groups. All law enforcement should reflect the population of America, which will improve community relationships.

The criminal justice system should be reformed to focus on drug distribution to the community and not the low level drug criminals.

Gun Violence

Mr. Wilson believes that gun violences comes from poor economic empowerment and unemployment. In addition currently the U.S. needs to fund state mental institutions, which serve low-income communities.

“You have to start at home and GET REAL”


We need to incorporate entrepreuership training at an early age in school. It is difficult for students to understanding the benefits of business ownership, due to the mindset of traditional education.

The Establishment

In Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, the Democratic party refused to let campaign particpate in the process.

“Let the Democratic Party know not to take blacks for granted, and that blacks lives matter, but black candidates matter too”

Foreign Policy

“We need to focus on home first, we have people at home going overseas and joining terrorists.”



Philanthropist, entrepreneur, recording artist and first-year politician Willie Lee Wilson recently gained notoriety after earning nearly 11 percent of the votes in the 2015 Chicago mayoral election. Wilson’s candidacy sparked an historic run-off election and secured his place in the Windy City’s rich political history. But his humble beginnings in the South and his rise to financial success are even more impressive.

Wilson is a 50-year resident of Chicago, having moved to the city in 1965. It is there that he began his legacy of becoming one of the first black owners of a McDonald’s restaurant. In 1970, Wilson was hired by McDonald’s to do custodial work including mopping floors for $2 an hour. He was awarded the opportunity to run the establishment when disgruntled employees walked out and he was asked to stay on when the former managers returned.
After working with McDonald’s for 10 years, Wilson decided he wanted to open a McDonald’s himself and resolved to meet with McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc about the issue. Kroc agreed to give Wilson a McDonald’s restaurant after a discussion at an annual shareholders’ meeting in 1979, and with capital provided by South Shore Bank, Wilson took a suffering Chicago franchise and turned it around within a year. While working at McDonald’s, Wilson earned several honors including the Outstanding Store Award and Top Sales Performer Award. He would eventually own several McDonald’s franchises in the Chicago area.

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